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17/12/2013 10 years!

It has just dawned on me that the site has been live for 10 years now.  Despite it's rather dated technology, it's still going, and will have to remain as is, as I haven't got the time or inclination to modernise it.

Over the first 9 and a half years, i've updated the site pretty regularly.  The past 6 months have been a different story with the arrival of Muir junior, but i've absolutely no plans to give up getting out in the hills.  Yes, it will be less frequent, but there's plenty I want to get done, so there will be some more skiing and climbing updates...hopefully.  



09/11/2008 You Tube Clips
  I have replaced the old Movie Clips section with links to clips I have uploaded to You Tube. This has advantages for me (the files are not hosted on my webspace) and advantages for you (more likely in a format that you can actually view the clip!).

If you are desperate to see the old clips, you can view them here.

Any problems, please let me know.

04/11/2008 Firefox issues
  I am aware that there are a few issues using the site with the Firefox browser (such as clicking a thumbnail image does not open the full size image) . I will get round to sorting them out at some point soon, so apologies in the meantime. If anyone spots anything else, please let me know. NOTE: The issue with clicking thumbnails in Firefox has been resolved as of 9/11/08.

27/10/2006 Small site changes

It's been some time since i have done anything to the site other than add days out. I've decided to make finding days out a little easier (I hope) by changing the Days Out section to filtered drop downs.

Also, you will now only be able to view one day at a time in each "season". This should speed the download of each page considerably, particularly when there are a lot of photos to be displayed.

Any problems that you come across, or comments you wish to make, then please let me know here.

08/05/2005 Question & Answer section added.

I have had this tucked away for ages, and never got round to putting it on the site. If it is any help, then great, but hopefully the website is reasonably intuitive to use without having to add a specific "Help" section. I was going to call if "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions), but that would imply that I get asked a lot of questions about the site, which I don't.

I've also made some small changes, such as when you click on an individual image in the "Days Out" or "Images" sections, you will view the image in the position that it would have been in the slide show, allowing you to navigate back or forward to other images more easily.

Something I should have done when I released the site was to change the text size to "relative" rather than a fixed size. This now supports browsers that allow the resizing of text.

05/02/2005 Home page reshuffle!
  Got a bit bored with the home page the way it was, so i decided to extend the last 2 days out to 4. It will mean the page takes a little longer to download, but it adds a bit more colour to it.

24/10/2004 Change of server

For some time, there has been periods when the site was down for some unknown reason. It was suspected that it was the server that the site was hosted on, so the site has been changed over to another server which will hopefully not have the same problem. This meant that the site was unavailable on Friday and possibly yesterday (didn't check).

It should hopefully be fine from now on, but if there are any problems that you come across, please let me know here.

28/09/2004 Desktops added to the site

I realised that despite having hundreds of digital images on the PC, I was still using the standard blue background on my desktop. So, i set about creating some from the pictures i've taken over the past 10 months or so.

Currently, i'm only offering them in 800 by 600 and 1024 by 768 resolution. If anyone specifically wants one in a different resolution, let me know.

Any comments about the changes will be welcome, including any problems or if you have any suggestions / requests!

13/08/2004 Navigation changes

You can now search for images by image descriptions, or the group/day out they are associated with. The search isn't that sophisticated - it only handles exact phrases at present, but i will change it soon. I have also tried to make the "recently added image" section a little more helpful.

I hope these changes improve the navigation of the site, as it has been commented that people cant find images easily (they are never deleted, just for the record).

I have removed a couple of things from the site. The "forum" wasn't getting used (by me included!), so i have removed that. Also, for those of you who had access to it, the "Sock of Destiny" has been removed, as again, it wasn't getting used. For those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about - don't worry, you didn't miss much!

Any comments about the changes will be welcome.

07/06/2004 Small changes.

I've been making a couple of small changes with the navigation of the site - they are minor, and over the coming weeks, I'll make a few more. You might not even notice them!

Theres also been an issue with the site being off-line occaisionally. It's probably due to the server the site is hosted on. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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