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Site Announcements and News
20/12/2003 Slide show feature added

I have added a slide show feature to the site. This allows you to view all of the images one at a time full size for each route or image group.

This will save you having to click on each individual image to view the larger version.

It's terrible weather today, and i couldn't face Christmas shopping!

16/12/2003 Site goes live
  After several changes, periods on indecision (used the Sock of Destiny to help out with those times - but usually the indecision was about the Sock of Destiny!) and adjustments, i've finally got round to putting the site live.

13/12/2003 Future looks sharper
  A digital still camera has been bought! Hopefully, the images will be of much better quality from now on - no scanning slides or copying video tape.

05/12/2003 Site uploaded
  The web site has been uploaded. There will be a number of changes to be made as it gets used, but they will be done as time allows.

03/12/2003 Winter Climbing images uploaded
  A selection of routes i have climbed and have images of have been uploaded. The majority of the images were slides scanned using a flatbed scanner. Some small adjustments were made using Photoshop, but many of the images remain grainy, faded, slightly out of focus, or dark. Anyway, the future looks sharper, as a digital stills camera is soon to be bought.

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