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Steves Stag Do: 
A trip to the coast near Hopeman, where it was warm enough for mucking about on the beach, followed by a barbeque and a decent fire before bivvying in a large open cave. 
Nick with a typical load on arrival at the beach
Rob with one of the many footballs
Marking out the pitch for football
Pete and the stag himself venturing into the sea
Pete trying to entice the stag back into the sea
The old 'bury your feet in the sand and try to push each other over' game
The old 'throw the lump of seaweed on Petes head' game
Bury the stag
Just for Dave, a picture of his sand castle!
Barbeque time
'Crossing the small rock arch' dare
Paul crosses in style
Steve pretends to be Gollum
Pete in the cave
Around the campfire later on
Climbing on the Sunday - Nick leading 'Thatchers Crack'

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