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Steve & Mary's wedding: 
The day started grim, with mist and rain, but improved enough for the sun to come out when we left the church. A lot of eating, drinking and dancing at the ceilidh was had by all. Sunday saw 18 of us set off for the Whangie which was just right for the day! 
Eddie & Steve, while Steve was still a single man.
Silja & Dirk
Steve & Eddie await the arrival of the bride.
The (very) happy couple
The happy couple & their parents!
Steve, Mary and Dave at the reception.
The 'Aberdeen Marriage Club', aka The Aberdeen Mountaineering Club!
What happens when you put a smartie in Champagne?
Rob on the Gendarme at 'The Whangie' with Finlay descending
Some of the 18 who went for a wander up to 'The Whangie' on Sunday.
Some of the group on the hill behind 'The Whangie' on Sunday

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