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Local Cragging: 
First evening of the year cragging, and it was climbing on a small cliff near Dry Covie that doesn't get a mention in the guide.  It looks very scrappy, but the rock is mostly reasonable, and there was enough room for a couple of enjoyable routes.  One starts on the slab underneath Nick, finishing  just to the right of him up a shallow scoop.  The other line starts in the overhanging bay to the right, following the crack line through a couple of roofs.
Nick leading the right hand route.  Probably Severe.  Near Dry Covie, 20/04/05
Nick at the top of the Severe.  Near Dry Covie, 20/04/05.
Me leading the left hand line.  Probably VDiff.  Near Dry Covie, 20/04/05.
Looking down onto GreyMare's slab, 180704
Me on
Me on
Nick on
Sea Kayakers in Bruin Cove, 15/07/04.  You can just about see the seals head above the water, watching them.
Rachel & Paul, Clashrodney 14/07/04
Rachel & Paul, Clashrodney 14/07/04
Optical illusion?
Paul on
Paul on
Paul and Rachel on a VS on the Pink Slab 22/05/04.
Paul setting off on his first E4 lead at Clashrodney, called 'The Pirate' 22/05/04.
Paul on the steep upper wall of The Pirate 22/05/04 .
Paul near the top of The Pirate  22/05/04.
'Man embraces the ocean'!  Nick enjoying the good weather  22/05/04.

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