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Knockhill, 31/07/04: 
A Christmas present for my brother and myself from Mum and Dad was a session at Knockhill racetrack in a type of sportscar called "Legends". They are scaled down versions of 1930's style car, with a motorbike engine (more info). With your backside only a couple of inches off the ground, and doing speeds of 70-80mph on the straight sections, it feels very fast! Unfortunately, the weather was bit on the misty side, and it got a bit damp. I only spun once..... 
Getting some instruction on driving a
Getting instruction on what to do.
Me setting off in the pit lane
Gordon overtaking one of the other race cars on the circuit.
Me overtaking one of the other race cars on the track.
Gordon after the drive.  It's quite appropriate that there is a large Fosters logo behind!
Speed demons........

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