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Strathblane weekend, 11/02/05-13/02/05: 

Rob and Katy very bravely invited people down for a joint house warming & birthday do. Rough weather in the mountains meant a cold soggy bimble in the Campsie Fells on Saturday, followed by a party at night.

Cold, wet and windy on Earls Seat in the Campsie Fells
Everyone trying to look happy on Earls Seat, Campsie Fells.
We were all supposed to bring a wig, and Steve can be seen here modelling his fine contribution.
Mary looking perfectly normal.
Pete trying out wig number one........
.... and Pete trying out wig number two.....
..... it's the beard that gives it away.
Not immune to looking ridiculous myself......
Adam, Kerry and Corey.
Corey not wanting to be left out.
The Catherine Williams method of babysitting (i'm in trouble now!)
I guess this is what happens when I leave my camera lying around.  However, if you do it to me, i will put the results on the internet!
Perfectly normal Sunday morning walk in Strathblane.  Rob's got to live there...
Richard and Rob.
Richard, Pete and Rob
Performing monkeys.

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