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Clach Na Beinn: 
Easily accessible from Aberdeen, Clach Na Bheinn is a good little hill for a morning/afternoon or evening walk. The climbing on the summit tor is usually cold, and that combined with the rough rock make it sometimes a painful experience. 
Rob soloing Solus's na h-Uamhan on Clach Na Bheinn, 07/08/04.
Kristina climbing through the hole on Solus's na h-Uamhan on Clach Na Bheinn, 07/08/04.  The focus is all wrong, but thought it was worth displaying anyway.
Kristina at the top of Solus's na h-Uamhan on Clach Na Bheinn, 07/08/04.
Me having to retrieve one of my shoes from a few metres up Bogendreip Buttress on Clach Na Bheinn, 07/08/04.    Luckily, it  wasn't so far up that i couldn't jump off.  Pete & Rob had something to do with this.....
A chilly Nick, Isla, Pete, Finlay, Angela, Rachel & Helen sheltering below the summit tor.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Isla wrapped up and prepared for the next shower to pass through.  Nick also needs wrapped up, but in a jacket that has the arms tied to the back of the jacket.....  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Helen & Rachel watch for the next shower.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Rachel, Helen and Isla.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Pete gets into a spot of bother by getting stuck in a crack.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Nick tries to assist.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Pete, by this time, was wedged by his boots.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Not sure how it helped, but he did manage to get out after this.  Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.
Summer is just round the corner! A snowy descent of Clach Na Bheinn, 08/05/05.

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