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Lofoten Islands 2006: 

We were fortunate enough to experience 2 weeks of high pressure during the last week of July and first week of August in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. The grey (but dry) start to the trip gave way to blue skies for the rest of the trip until the morning we drove to the airport, when it rained :o)

Here is a selection of pictures from the trip. Other pictures of our trip can be found here.

View from the summit of Glåmtinden 24/07/06
Henningsvær harbour
Henningsvær from Festvågtinden
Making lunch on the top of 541m Festvågtinden.  In the afternoon we did Pianohandler Lunds Rute.  25/07/06
Me on the first pitch of Pianohandler Lunds Rute on Pianokrakken (UK Severe?). 25/07/06
Rainbow over the hills to the west of Svolvær
Ascending the col on our way up Kroktinden (we couldn't actually get to the summit) 27/07/06
Descending from the top of pt 707m on Kroktinden (we couldn't actually get to the summit) 27/07/06
A couple of guys having a smoke on the beach at Flakstad as the sun goes down.
The view from the tent on the beach at Flakstad
On the ascent of Moltinden on Flakstadøya
The beach at Ramstad from near the top of Moltinden (just under 700m). 30/07/06
Helen swimming in a handy pool by the beach at Flakstad 30/07/06
Some idiot on the beach late in the evening (me).
Sunset behind the offshore fog at Flakstad 30/07/06
Reine harbour
Værøya from Å
The 600m high wall of Helvestind above Bunes Beach.  Helen is just visible in the bottom left. 01/08/06
Helen sunning herself while looking to the 850m Storskiva above Bunes Beach 01/08/06
Me in swimming (albeit briefly!) at Bunes Beach 01/08/06
Fish in a pool on Bunes Beach 01/08/06
Returning from Bunes Beach to the ferry pick up back down Reinefjorden 01/08/06
The harbour at Hamnøy, near Reine
The harbour at Hamnøy
Vågakallen from Austvågøya 03/08/06
Helen relaxing at Paradiset 03/08/06
Shadows cast over Kalle beach as the sun drops behind Vågakallen 03/08/06
Helen on the first belay, taken from the superb second pitch of the 1910 route on the
Helen approaching the top of the Svolvær Goat.  05/08/06
A climber jumping between the horns of the
Climbers abseiling off the Svolvær Goat.  05/08/06

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