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Greenland Dogs, Svalbard: 
Some pictures of the dogs belonging to Rico and Karoline. Two were Greenland dogs (Nuna and Silva), and 2 were crosses between a Greenland dog (Nuna - she was mum) and a husky, to produce "Grønsky" dogs (Qimmiq and Taliq). Silva is their uncle! It's fair to say I took a lot of pictures of them! We were able to go skiing with them twice which was just fantastic. There's a couple of You Tube clips as well of them in action!

Our other trip with the dogs is here.

Taliq and Helen.
Helen and Silva.
Taliq looking for attention.
Helen and Taliq
Silva and Marzena
Taliq keeps and eye on Rico.
Qimmiq keeps an eye on everyone.
Qimmiq looking very fox like.
Qimmiq on her vantage point.
Nuna cools off.
How Silva deals with bad weather.
Taliq cools off.
Sleepy Silva.
Silva, Taliq and Qimmiq
Nuna and Taliq
Qimmiq and Nuna
Silva and Qimmiq keep an eye on the progress of their dinner.
Taliq taking me for a ski near Longyearbyen on our last day.
Helen and Harvey with Nuna and Silva.
Rest spot.
Helen and Nuna
Taliq so keen to get going, he leaps off the ground.
Qimmiq and Taliq
Setting off again.
Silva back home
Qimmiq back home, looking very like a fox again.
Taliq getting some attention from Marzena
Me with Taliq and Nuna

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