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Logie Head - 10th May 2009: 
It's been a long time since we've been climbing at Logie Head, and it was good to head back. Despite the cool air temperature, it was very warm in the little suntrap formed by the ridge, so there was a fair bit of sitting about relaxing. I'd like to get back when i'm stronger(!), and the birds are not around in the "Star Zone". Rachel, as well as climbing, was busy taking photos both on her camera and my new camera, so most of the pictures are from her. You can see more photos from today on Paul and Rachel's Flickr site
Paul 'warming up'!
The locals keeping an eye on proceedings.  Photo taken by Rachel Mather.
It was a popular choice for the day.  I'm leading 'Sea Urchin' (red helmet, black top), with Helen belaying.   Photo taken by Rachel Mather.
Me leading 'Poacher'.  Rumour has it this was my second go at it today...   Photo taken by Rachel Mather.
Me on 'Poacher', past the crux (and the wobbly block).   Photo taken by Rachel Mather.
Relief at the top of 'Poacher'.  I haven't been anywhere near a route with 'VS' associated with it for years.   Photo taken by Rachel Mather.
Paul at the top of 'Material Advantage', an HVS on the pinnacle.   Photo taken by Helen.
Me gasping and cursing my way up the huge jugs, with the odd rest along the way.  Must get stronger, must get stronger, ...   Photo taken by Helen.
Helen seconding 'Poacher'.   Photo taken by Rachel Mather.

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