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It's a dog's life: 

Bruno, Lachte and Tju live near Tromso, and belong to our friend Marzena.  They are fabulous dogs, and if it wasn't for the great skiing nearby, I could have spent the whole week throwing the ball or what was left of the frisbe!  Some of the pictures are of us going skiing on Kvaløya, with 2 borrowed dogs called Luna and Sepi.

Going skiing.
Helen with Sepi and Luna
Skiing in heavy snow, but this time, from the sky!
Pictures on the move.
Rest time.
Heavy snowfall.
Luna and Sepi.
Luna and Sepi
Taken on the move, looking back!
Coming to a stop...
All 5 in the one picture!
Tju, looking for attention.
Luna and Sepi
Luna and Sepi
Tju and Lahti
They all want attention.
Frisbee destruction by Lahti
Frisbee destruction by Lahti
Frisbee session.
Lahti showing the frisbee how it is going to be destroyed.
Lahti frisbee catching
Whatever you want Bruno.  It's no problem at all...
Bruno and Lahti go for the same flying object.
Marzena and Tju
Marzena and her boys.
Marzena and her boys.
Bruno goes for the frisbee
Bruno goes for the worse for wear frisbee
I could have done this all week!
Teasing Lahti
Tug of war with Lahti.  Note the state of the frisbee.
Tju and Lahti
Tju: 'I am having that camera...'
Throw it, throw it, throw it, throw it, throw it, throw it ...

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