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Fort William Marathon, 31st of July, 2016: 

Away from the winter months, I now seem to be doing some triathlons and running.  Quite enjoying the novelty of it so far.  Last weekend, I did something I never thought i'd be in a position to do, and did a marathon - the Fort William Marathon.  It started and finished at the Aonach Mor car park, so it was familiar territory :)   The training was sporadic and lacking in the required quality, but I made it round in 4 hours and 57 seconds.  I was aiming for under 4 hours, but I can't complain - I was just glad to finish whilst fighting cramp towards the end.

Approaching the Commando Memorial near Spean Bridge (about mile 11).
Within a mile of the finish.  The smile is because the photographer was spotted.  The legs were in a bit of pain here.
I had pushed myself so much towards the finish, that I wasn't even aware of where Helen and Calum were until i saw this photo!
A bit broken at the finish
Someone was intent on getting hold of the medal.

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