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13 November 2004: Sgurr Dubh, Torridon Walk Autumn 2004
A bit of a change from the norm this weekend as we stayed at the Ling hut in Torridon. It was over 10 years since i had stayed there, last time as a student in the Aberdeen Uni Lairig Club. Saturday was a little more showery than expected, and you could be mistaken for thinking that winter was here, as there was a dusting of snow on the hills in Torridon. However, things weren't as frozen as they should be for climbing.

Despite the obvious advantage of staying in a hut, it was very late morning before leaving on Saturday! A group of 11 set off for a mass bimble up Sgurr Dubh behind the hut. While walking up the good stalkers path, we spotted a gorge leading up onto the hill (Allt nan Corrag), and we couldnt resist. It was a really good way up onto the hill, and apart from one waterfall which we bypassed, we were all able to scramble up the entire gorge.

The weather started to deteriorate at the top of the hill and the descent was a bit on the wet and slippy side, but all in all, a good day out for a little hill. Sunday was a bit on the wet, windy and mild side, so we just packed up and made our way back to Aberdeen.

Steve outside the Ling Hut on Saturday morning, with Liathach behind.
Liathach from the path
The gorge formed by the Allt nan Corrag.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Paul, Richard and Steve in the gorge.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Paul and Steve taking a detour to avoid the large waterfall.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Angela with Rachel behind.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Helen and Clare.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
In the gorge.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
One of the scrambly sections.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
At the top of the gorge.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Liathach from high up.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
The view West.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Angela, Helen, Richard, Mary, Steve, Rachel, Clare and Paul at the summit.  Pete and Finlay had disappeared off up another hill long before we got to the top.  Sgurr Dubh, Torridon 13/11/04
Helen said it was OK to put this picture on ......
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