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09 September 2005: Tama Lakes Walk New Zealand 2005
My last full day in NZ, and we had to get back to near Wellington later in the day for a morning flight to Christchurch. We decided we couldn't beat the previous days skiing, so we went for a walk to the Tama Lakes. These are former blast craters nested below Ngauruhoe. It was a good walk, and gave us good views of both volcanoes.

Ngauruhoe dominated the skyline
Taranaki falls
Alan above the Lower Tama lake.
Above the Upper Tama lake
A sulpurous shore on the Upper Tama lake
Sneaking up on Alan and Kris on top of a boulder
How these reflection-in-the-sunglasses shots are taken
Walking back out
My last picture - typically of Ngauruhoe again!
Since I didn't know where to put it, I'll put it here.  A picture i took from the plane in London on the way to NZ.  Someone obviously had a sense of humour.
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