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30 September 2006: Dunbuy Rock Cragging Summer 2006
For years I have been going to the cliffs north of Cruden Bay as they have a concentration of good quality easy routes. However, I'd never been to Dunbuy Rock, the obvious island with the spectacular arch that you walk past to get to Grey Mare Slabs. The weather was stunning, and eight of us swam across the channel to the island. Dry clothes went across in dry bags, although mine isn't so dry due to the holes... That didn't seem to hinder Rachel who swam across with climbing gear in it.

The main objective for me was the 600m severe traverse of the eastern mass. All of us set off from the NE corner after walking over the top of the arch. Paul and Rachel were soon distracted by some steep rock, so they decided to put the climbing gear to use, and may have done a new HVS. The rest of us continued to the arch - Steve swimming sections since he had his wetsuit on. Up to now it was very easy, however the descent down into the North side of the gap below the arch was very wet and slimy. While waiting to make a move, several waves got me, and yellow dye poured out of my (now not so yellow) rock shoes. Once past the tricky bit, the north side was generally easy again and we got back into the sun before the swim back. A bit of a mini adventure on a beautiful day (apart from the bird poo - there's lots of it on Dunbuy!) The last day of summer?

Traversing the South side of Dunbuy.  Pete, Alan, Rob and Paul.  Steve is in the water!
A couple of seals on Dunbuy when we arrived.
Steve, Rachel and Paul swimming across the channel.
Paul and Rachel crossing the arch on Dunbuy.
Rob, Isla and Rachel at the NE corner, at the start of the traverse.
Some bits of rock are just too tempting!  Me on a nice short slab near the start of the traverse.  It had an overhanging (4b) start - you can see Robs hands below as he was traversing the overhang.
Alan, Rob and Paul on one of the tricky (but avoidable) sections. on the South side.
Isla and Pete nearing the platform below the arch.
Steve, Alan, Isla and Pete, near the arch.
Pete on the slimy wet descent below the arch.
The traverse on the North side of Dunbuy.
16 September 2006: Crystal Ridge & Flake Buttress, Coire Sputan Dearg Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
10 September 2006: Ardverikie Wall Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
09 September 2006: Raeburns Arete & NE Buttress, Ben Nevis Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
02 August 2006: Mengelsdaltinden. Moskenesøya, Lofoten Walk Summer 2006
31 July 2006: Navaren, Moskenesøya, Lofoten Walk Summer 2006
28 July 2006: Nordryggen, Vågakallen, Lofoten Islands Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
26 July 2006: Bare Blåbær, Lofoten Islands Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
16 July 2006: Birthday Groove, Bla Bheinn Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
15 July 2006: Sgurr nan Each - Clach Glas - Bla Bheinn Traverse Walk Summer 2006
02 July 2006: Squareface, Beinn a'Bhuird Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
01 July 2006: Cumming-Crofton Route, Beinn a'Bhuird Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
25 June 2006: Beinn an Eoin Walk Summer 2006
04 June 2006: Stag Rocks, Cairngorms Multi-pitch rock Summer 2006
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