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25 March 2007: Lochnagar (again) Walk Winter 2006/2007
It's not been a good year so far for us on the outdoor front. Normally, I am champing at the bit to get out every weekend, but after the January/February bug and Richard breaking his leg on the one attempted day out climbing late February, I then injured my back carrying boxes the following week. However, nearly all sorted now I think, and went out for a bimble up Lochnagar in the sunshine today to get away from the madness surrounding the process of selling our flat (which is the other reason for lack of days out this winter, and the reason for carrying boxes around, hence the back injury).

What was surprising is that we did spot one pair climbing in the coire on "Scarface", which did appear to be the only route in condition (although we were looking from the col, so Douglas-Gibson may have been there). The snow on the exits looked very soft, with some monstrous droopy cornices. The exit from Scarface was steep snow rather than cornice, but the slabby corner below looked very thinkly iced, so I hope the pair managed to get out OK. On the plus side, Black Spout looks complete and skiable down to where it meets Raeburns. On the down side, i didn't have my skis with me. Maybe next time...

The standard shot of Lochnagar from the col!
You can just make out 2 people on Scarface, with the rope below the lower of the 2.  This was taken from the col, so it was stretching my zoom capabilities a bit.
A chilly suntrap, if you can get such a thing.
Helen standing on what must be avalanche debris below the Glass Allt Sheil waterfall.
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16 December 2006: Starburst, Lochnagar Winter Route Winter 2006/2007
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