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11 November 2007: Broad Cairn Walk Autumn 2007
Over the last few weeks there has been the odd walk (Morven, Devils Point, and of course, Bennachie), but no pictures. There has also been a lot of DIY, and there will continue to be a fair bit. The plan is to get it out of the way before winter starts properly (whenever that may be). Anyway, we went for a walk up Broad Cairn today from Glen Doll via the Capel Mounth, which was maybe not the most logical approach, but allowed a round trip coming back by Bachnagairn. There was a dusting of snow and a strong bitterly cold wind which made it hard going at points, and difficult to take photos. At the end of the day, just north of Moulzie, we saw a couple of salmon thrashing their way up through the shallows of the river on their way to breed which was quite something.

Dad and Helen on the Capel Mounth
Crossing the boggy area between the Capel Mounth and the pony shelter on Broad Cairn
Alan, Dad and Helen above Loch Muick
The view South from the summit
06 October 2007: Helvellyn, Lake District Walk Autumn 2007
30 September 2007: The Pinnacle Face / Mome Rath Route, Glen Coe Multi-pitch rock Autumn 2007
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