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09 November 2008: Lochnagar Walk Autumn 2008
Brrrrrr! A strong wind meant that we got a blasting of ice and snow which would have probably given us the equivalent of an expensive facial scrub. We headed up the normal route to the summit round the cliffs, sometimes walking at an angle just to stay on our feet. I saw a cracking broken spectre when walking round the top, but unfortunately, the light conditions changed too fast for me photograph it. Alan suggested descending the NE ridge, giving us an alternative view of the cliffs, and a stomp through the boulders and heather, contouring Meikle Pap before rejoining the path. The ground was generally soggy, with the exception of some exposed areas, and there were sections of the cliff still running with water.

Alan looking into the corrie from the NE ridge while we were descending.  You can see evidence of water below Giants Head Chimney (just to Alans right) and the black streak in Raeburns Gully on the far right.
The NE corrie from below Meikle Pap.  The previous photo was taken from the ridge more or less directly above where Alan is standing.
02 November 2008: Morven Walk Autumn 2008
01 November 2008: Costa Blanca Cragging Autumn 2008
11 October 2008: Walk up to the Dubh Loch, and others Walk Autumn 2008
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