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25 July 2009: Crystal Ridge, Coire Sputan Dearg Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
It was with some dismay that we saw the Cairngorms still covered in cloud, and in fact, it still raining on them as we drove up Deeside - not what we had expected. I knew it was going to improve, but hadn't figured on such a poor start. We took the climbing gear anyway, and made the long journey in the direction of Sputan Dearg up the very wet glen above Luibeg. On the plus side, the cloud lifted off the tops as we neared Luibeg, but on the down side, as we got closer to the cliffs, it was apparent that they were a bit wet in the places we wanted to climb (Grey Mans Crag). Helens "enthusiasm-ometer" was reading particularly low, so we settled on Crystal Ridge, an easier alternative to our original plan, figuring it would basically be dry, which it was (apart from the damp bits).

I had climbed this once before with Pete in 2006, but Helen hadn't climbed it before. It is a good short route, and suited the conditions found in the afternoon. As we have done before when climbing at Sputan Dearg, we walked back over Derry Cairngorm with fine views all around.

About 30 minutes before hand, it was grey, misty and raining.
Good weather for frogs, and there were a lot of them out.
Helen heading up to Grey Mans Crag.  Crystal Ridge is more or less directly above Helen.
Helen leading the first pitch.
Helen at the top of the slab and about to get onto the airy ridge.
Looking back down the ridge from the top of the climbing.
Another panorama, this one taken from the top of Derry Cairngorm.
I am reasonably certain that this is Ben Cruachan, as I initially guessed, viewed from Derry Cairngorm over the top of Devils Point and the col between Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor.
17 July 2009: Apron Slabs, Ardnamurchan Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
15 July 2009: Erraid Cragging Summer 2009
14 July 2009: Carsaig Arches, Ross of Mull Walk Summer 2009
13 July 2009: Ben More, Mull Walk Summer 2009
11 July 2009: Pygmy Ridge, Cairngorms Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
04 July 2009: Eagle Ridge, Lochnagar Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
28 June 2009: Blanco, Beinn a' Mhuinidh Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
27 June 2009: Baosbheinn Walk Summer 2009
21 June 2009: Pinnacle Ridge, Garbh Coire , Beinn a'Bhuird Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
20 June 2009: Slab and Arete, Beinn a'Bhuird Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
14 June 2009: East Coast weekend Walk Summer 2009
31 May 2009: Quiver, Sgurr Alasdair, Skye Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
30 May 2009: Parallel Cracks, Sron na Ciche, Skye Multi-pitch rock Summer 2009
24 May 2009: M & B Buttress, Garbh Coire, Beinn a Bhuird. Walk Summer 2009
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