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27 August 2011: Carn Mairg, Glen Lyon Walk Summer 2011

These hills above Glen Lyon aren't the most exciting hills around, but they had the advantage of being approximately midway between Nick and us, so we could meet up for a wander.  The most interesting thing about the hills is the line of rusty fence posts that is followed from Meall Garbh onto Carn Mairg! They kept us amused for the day and obviously others had similar thoughts, as there were various "sculptures" along the way.  When I say "sculptures", I mean bits of rusty metal bent and heaped in a pile.   Some of these bits of metal found their way into rucksacs, and we now have a pile of rusting metal in the garage.  I am not sure why, but it makes a change from picking up strange objects that get washed up on the beach below the village.

Your rusty metal collectors for the day are Helen, Alan and Nick.
Nick and Helen approaching the top of Carn Gorm, with the Lawers range in the background.
It's art you know.
This could have gone horribly wrong.
Formation rusty fence post flying.
Nick breaks free from his stabilisers.
I didn't want to miss out on all of the fun.
More leaping from a springy one.
Alan considers a game of Kerplunk.
On top of Creag Mhor, with Alan displaying his collection of straggly bits of metal to anyone who cared to be looking (no one).
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