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19 November 2011: Fannichs Walk Autumn 2011

It was another bagging exercise this weekend as Helen was reasonably convinced she still had some of the Fannichs to do. With the weather not looking too drastic, we headed west early Saturday morning.  Whereas it was quite grey all around, the tops of Sgurr Breac and A'Chailleach were clear, so we went for them.  As Torridon became enveloped in rain, we somehow stayed dry.  It was a bit breezy though, albeit mild for the time of year.  We expected Sunday not to be too pleasant, but Saturday evenings forecast was quite encouraging, so decided to head back to do the "middle 3" of the Fannichs in the morning.  Whereas it started bright, our hills quickly became shrouded in cloud, and it was thick mist all along the tops to Sgurr nan Each.  Of course, once we dropped down to the col for the trudge out along the glen, the cloud lifted off the tops...

On the east ridge of Sgurr Breac, with An Teallach in the distance.
Leaving the top of Sgurr Breac, with showers threatening Torridon.
Windy on top of A'Chailleach
Looking back to A'Chailleach on the walk out.
The only time I got the camera out on Sunday, and even then, couldn't time it right to get Helen on the ridge before the mist obscured the view!  On the way up Sgurr nan Clach Geala.
16 October 2011: Capel Mounth bike ride. Mountain Biking Autumn 2011
02 October 2011: Cul Mor Walk Autumn 2011
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