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23 March 2012: Fagerfjellet and Stormheimfjellet ... Skiing Winter 2011/2012

... but not in the same day.  A distinct change in the weather on Thursday, with milder air and cloud.  We did Fagerfjellet (957m) on the Thursday, struggling up through the trees, with no uptrack, and very heavy, sticky snow.  The legs got a proper work out today.  The east side of Fagerfjellet is a huge cliff, so we cautiously shuffled our way along in poor visibility, with the odd glimpse of the edge/top.  We stopped just short of the top, as the visibility was too bad to determine what was beneath our feet, so we stopped at the last rock we could see.  The ski down was better than expected, but still hard work in the heavy snow.

Friday had slightly better visibility, but was set to deteriorate, so we headed for Stormheimfjellet (1181m).   It's said that you sometimes need your poles to push down as well as up on this hill, as the angle isn't great!  It was a little cooler today, and the snow was quite good (i.e. not sticky), so the downward poling wasn't required.  It felt like quite a long descent, with some nice skiing down through the trees.

Hard going on the ascent of Fagerfjellet.
Heading into the cloud on Fagerfjellet.
A clear spell as we head for the top of Fagerfjellet.
The last little ascent to the top of Fagerfjellet.
We stopped here, just below the top of Fagerfjellet.  The cloud was coming and going and we didn't want to risk sliding off a cornice.  The cliffs are a good 500m+ high on the other side of it!
Improving visibility on the descent.
Heavy snow, but fun to ski.
Helen gets tangled up in the trees.
Heading up Stormheimfjellet the following day
Getting our village name in the summit book, even if this was only a cairn at just over 500m on Stormheimfjellet
A bit higher up Stormheimfjellet
The craggy top of Stormheimfjellet
It doesn't look it, but the top of Stormheimfjellet is nearly 300m above us here.
A handy tree free corridor through the trees below Stormheimfjellet
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