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24 November 2012: Rannoch Walk Autumn 2012

We were staying in the area for a sociable weekend, so it seemed like a good opportunity to do a couple of Munros that Helen hadn't done.  The plan was dependant upon catching the 8.45am train from Rannoch Station to Corrour, so I figured an 8am departure from Kinloch Rannoch was comfortable.  However, in reality, 8am became 8.15am, and suddenly it wasn't very comfortable at all.  I drove reasonably fast, trying to strike a balance between making it in time, and trying not to induce vomitting from the 3 back seat passengers!  We stopped at the end of the track that we would be walking out on and I dumped my bike, jumped back in and got to the car park as the train pulled up to the platform.  Steve and I didn't even have time to change out of our trainers, and got on the train wearing stuff we didn't need, and carrying things to change into.  But we did make it, and for 10 minutes or so, it was slightly surreal sitting in the buffet carriage of the sleeper train from London, staring out at the desolate scenery of Rannoch Moor as it drifted by.

As anyone who has walked in the area will know, the rest of the day was less likely to be as exciting as the getting to the start of the walk was, and that was the case.  We got out at Corrour Station, did the obligatory mention of Trainspotting, and then set off into the mist and snow on Beinn na Lap.  We amused ourselves by not bothering with a map and compass, and instead checking our location occasionally with the OS mapping app on Steves phone, and then always telling Catherine that we were 100m higher than we actually were :o)

Once leaving the top, we dropped back down to Loch Ossian, and then up towards Carn Dearg.  On our way down the long undulating ridge from the top, we were treated to a spectacular red sky to the West.  A bog trot, followed by a sideways slip on the bridge that levelled me, and a few kilometres on the track was rounded off by me cycling the short distance back to the car.  It may only have been 2.5km or so, but I was really glad I wasn't walking it...

The buffet cars depart, leaving us in the middle of nowhere.  We didn't even have time for a bacon butty :o(
Catherine and Helen on the way up Beinn na Lap, just below the mist.
Yup, that's all we saw at the top.
On the way down, we were being told to stand still for a photo while Catherine tried to get the right angle, but she couldn't even stand up, let alone stand still.
Moody skies on the way up Carn Dearg.
Even moodier, but at least the top was clear of mist.
It looked close, but seemed to take ages.  The long descent ridge is to the right.
It's a bit
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