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07 April 2013: Gully skiing, Cairngorm Skiing Winter 2012/2013

3rd day out, and the inhead conditions were as fuzzy as the overhead conditions due to the previous evenings liquid sustenance. A planned easier day, but it still required some willpower to skin up through the ski area and onto the plateau. A bit of navigation was even required for a change, but we found the top of Diagonal Gully no problem. Then the problems started, as the optimistic view that the sun would have made an appearance by now was slightly, well, optimistic, and Diagonal was full of white lumpy concrete. It was a relief to get to the bottom of it, and not because of any fear, just because it wasn't pleasant.

Castlegates and Pinnacle Gullies looked like they had nice soft snow in them, but the inclination wasn't there for an additional run, so it was a head-down-get-on-with-it slog up Coire Domhain, then me playing a game of guess the angle of rising traverse required to hit Alladin's dead on. Was out by a few metres to the West, but was close :o) In contrast to Diagonal, Alladin's was full of nice snow, and there were big grins all round at the bottom.

Steve getting to grips with the solid stuff in Diagonal Gully.
Scott forcing himself down Diagonal Gully.
Carn Etchachan and An Sticil above Loch Avon.
Skinning out of the Loch Avon basin.
Scott at the lip of Coire Domhain
Steve at the lip of Coire Domhain
Steve setting off down Alladin's Couloir.
Scott about to start his most anticipated gully.
Scott at the bend of Alladin's Couloir
Exiting Alladin's Couloir
Victory pose.
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