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17 November 2013: Boat of Garten Weekend Mountain Biking Autumn 2013

Murray hit the big 50 this weekend, and was having a party in Boat of Garten to celebrate, so it gave us an excuse to get out with the bike trailer again.  After repairing a puncture that occurred on the bike rack, we set off after lunch on Saturday down the Nethy bridge/Coylumbridge road.  Turning off at the access track for "Milton", it was a steady climb up and over the An Slugan, where the tracks improved and it was an easy cycle past Badaguish to Glenmore.   Once through the Ryvoan Pass, the roughest section of track was next, which meant a short push from just after the Bynack split in the track to near Ryvoan Bothy.  8 reindeer were grazing around the bothy, but weren't fazed by us at all.  The track towards Forest Lodge was reasonably bumpy, but we made good progress along it.  Calum never complained once, and was making happy noises for a lot of it.  From the juntion of tracks near Forest Lodge, the track was much smoother, and as a result faster, before joining the road and making our way past Loch Garten and back into Boat of Garten while it was still light.  

There were a few tired people following the previous evenings ceilidh, but a sizeable group managed to set off up Meall a' Bhuachaille on sunday.  This group then got strung out, split up, had some abandonments before the summit, but a lot made it to the top in different stages in a bitterly cold wind.  The kids did really well given the late night and the effort of getting up there.

Near the top of the An Slugan
On our way down towards Badaguish.
Between Badaguish and Glenmore
Helen descending to Glenmore as the weather deteriorated.
Reindeer at Ryvoan Bothy
A brief stop after the long bumpy section beyond Ryvoan.  Seems quite happy.
Heading up Meall a'Bhuacaille on Sunday, with some spectacular sunbeams.
Spaceship coming into land?
This summit party's summit shot...
...and finally, Calum's summit shot.
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