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30 March 2014: Geilo, Norway Skiing Winter 2013/2014

Skiing holidays have got flatter, but no less enjoyable!  Properly prepared tracks make all the difference when XC skiing. Decent weather, good accommodation (quite posh for us), and excellent company made for a great week. I managed to sneak a day in on deserted pistes with James, which then became a game of what density of trees could we ski through. As with most ski holidays, I picked up a cold at the end of it, so sat out the last day, but still had a great time.

Trying to get the camera off of his dad.
Keen to get going.
The short cut didn't work out, but someone found it funny.
Innes, Helen and Gwilym towing their respective offspring.
Had to get out of the way fast.
Near Kikut
On the way to Ruperanden
Nearing the top of a climb on the way to Ruperanden.
Nearing the lunchtime stop at Ruperanden
The tracks made it easy on the downhills - they just guided you round the bends.
A steep downhill required hard braking/snow-ploughing.
Formation snow-ploughing.
Ready to get going.
Planning where to go.  Admittedly, the map got ripped up after this.
It was a bit too cold and windy on this trip, so we turned back.  The pulks were amazing at keeping the little ones protected.
The best way to travel on a breezy day.
A happy slider.
Always good to have a spare sledge for your toys.
Annabelle, James and Lizzie on our round the lake trip.
A little ski on dads front.
Descending the XC red run to the hotel.
Never get in a pulk without a rubber giraffe called Sophie.
Piste day, and deserted ones at that.
The runs were fairly short, very wide, and we had them all to ourselves for most of the time.
The trees became more appealing as the snow softened.
Nipping in and out of the trees.
Tempting to go quite fast when the trees are so well spaced.
Empty pistes.
Into the trees.
Trees getting denser.
There was just enough room, most of the time.
Taken from the top of the hill.  2 dog teams on the ice.
The only fresh snow of the week.
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