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13 May 2014: A Minus Gully, Beinn Bhrotain Skiing Spring 2014

After not getting out at the weekend, I took the opportunity to grab my one and only after work trip this season.  I decided to avoid my usual haunts (Lochnagar), and go for a bigger outing.  I hadn't done A Minus Gully yet, and had seen that it was in good shape 10 days previously when on Cairn Toul, so figured it was reasonable for an evening trip, assuming no problems.  Driving up Deeside in the pouring rain, I had to have faith in the forecast, and it did indeed come good as the sun was out when I left the Linn of Dee at 5.45pm. 

I didn't expect to see anyone, but as I neared White Bridge, a group of 10 or so mountain bikers going the other way (with panniers and/or trailers) passed me.  By the look on their faces, they hadn't expected to meet anyone heading in the other way, and certainly not with skis on their back!  I dumped the bike at the usual spot, and followed the path up the Dee to the Allt Garbh, and then up the hill.  I hadn't felt particularly energetic, but was going OK, and got to the top of the gully at 8.20pm.  It was even easier looking than I imagined it would be, so knew it would be fine.  The skiing seemd to be over in an instant, but I am glad I've got it done and satisfied my curiosity.  It was nothing special from a skiing point of view, but it's a fine, wild place to be, with the added spice of feeling that time is against you.

There was little time to hang around, as it's a long trudge down Glen Geusachan, and even longer once into Glen Dee, getting back to the bike at 10.40pm, and returning to the car at 11.15pm.  That's probably me for the season now...

Some bloke following me.
Glen Dee.
Beinn a'Ghlo
Some large creeping slabs of snow on Beinn Iutharn Mhór.
The top of A Minus Gully.  I avoided the cracks by skiing out to the far end, and skiing directly down from there.
Looking down the gully.
Sweaty head shot at the bottom.  Only another 2 and a half hours to go before getting back to the car.
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