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14 March 2015: An Teallach Skiing Winter 2014/2015

As you can see from the pictures, the weather wasn't too bad today.  We optimistically headed into Glas Tholl with a plan to climb one of the big gullies, which would put us at the top of Bidein a' Ghlas Thuill, allowing us to either head back down if conditions were unexpectadly favourable, or down the South side to Loch Toll an Lochain.  Hayfork was solid, dangerously so from a skiing point of view.  What was a bit galling was that the hillside in the sunshine, just a few metres away was actually steaming!

However, the "consolation" option wasn't too bad at all.  We were able to ski the south ridge from just below the summit to the corrie headwall.  This was steeper than I think any of us expected, but the snow was good, and it was highly enjoyable.  So good, we went back for another shot.

Alan, Craig, Jamie and Dave heading into Glas Tholl.
Rock solid in the shade.  Hayfork on the left, North/Murdo's Gully on the right.
It's a long way up just to the start of the gully.
Once in it, it's still a long way up, getting firmer the higher we climbed.
Dave setting off just below the summit.
I've skied in worse locations.
Alan following me down the headwall..
... and shooting past me.
Dave going so fast, he arrived before he left.
Admiring our handiwork.
The long and rather warm climb back up.
Craig setting off on the second run.
Dave on his second run.
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