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23 May 2015: Braeriach Skiing Spring 2015

There's not a lot of snow in view from the North side of the Cairngorms, but the opposite could be said of the big east facing corrie.  Mike, Donald, Dave and myself cycled up Gleann Eanaich, and headed uphill via "The Escalator", and onto Garbh Coire Mor.  I've been on this corrie rim a number of times, and was confident of finding the top of Pinnacle Gully, and it offering a way through the cornices.  I was wrong.  The build up of snow is such that the cornices are several metres out into the corrie, and the snow is several metres deeper than i've ever seen before.  There was no way through, so we opted for a nice SE facing slope off the spur that separates the corrie from Garbh Coire Dhaidh.   The gullies are all banked up with an incredible amount of snow for any time of year, let alone late May.

Once back on the plateau, we headed for Braeriach as the wind picked up, and blue skies had been replaced by ever darkening greyness.  Mike and Donald headed down via Coire an Lochain and "The Escalator", whereas Dave and I headed over the top of Braeriach, and Central Buttress Gully.  Again, it was banked up so much that you could ski anywhere in the upper section, which was unusual.  The 300m re-ascent up East Gully was hard work, but we were both marvelling at how wide it was (again, due to the volume of snow).  A descent of the steep NE facing flank of Coire an Lochain, followed by almost 300m of vertical down a narrow "Escalator" more than likely saw the end of my skiing for the season.  Seems ridiculous, given the volume of snow up there!  

Dave heading up towards 'The Escalator'
As it greyed over, brighter jackets would have been the order of the day.  Donald getting first turns into Garbh Coire Mor
Dave going next, with Donald a dot in the distance below.
Mike heading down the same slope.
The top of Pinnacle Gully from below.  No thanks...
There's always a payment for the fun.
Not that we were intending to do it today, but wouldn't have if we had been.  Dave surveys West Gully on Braeriach.
Dave entering Central Buttress Gully.
Plenty of room in a well filled Central Buttress Gully.
On the way back up a ridiculously wide East Gully.
Dave on a steep line into Coire an Lochain.
The ice is still hanging on.
The Escalator.
This came in really quickly, but at least the wind was behind us.
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