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21 May 2016: CIC Hut trip Skiing Winter 2016
08 May 2016: An Teallach Skiing Winter 2016
21 April 2016: Sgran Dubh Mr Skiing Winter 2016
16 April 2016: Short Cairngorm tour Skiing Winter 2016
14 April 2016: Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag (again) Skiing Winter 2016
12 April 2016: Meall a' Bhuachaille and The Couloir Skiing Winter 2016
10 April 2016: Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag Skiing Winter 2016
19 March 2016: Cairngorms Tour Skiing Winter 2016
17 March 2016: Toll an Lochain, An Teallach Skiing Winter 2016
09 March 2016: Loch Avon basin gully skiing Skiing Winter 2016
27 February 2016: Beinn Dearg and Cona' Mheall Skiing Winter 2016

The forecast for the weekend was faultless.  No wind and unbroken sunshine, with the added benefit of relatively low lying snow, meant a special outing was to be attempted.  A late night drive West, and sleeping in the car saw me ready to meet Dave, Jamie and Craig without any hassle in the morning.  We were heading for Coire Ghranda from the Loch Glascarnoch side, and it was basically ski from the car conditions.  The approach is normally boggy, so this was a bonus.   Opting for the easy going way in via Loch nan Eilean, it was quite a view entering the corrie. You can look at the pictures - it was spectacular!

On the SW flank of Cona' Mheall, there are a couple of attractive lines - a grassy slope cutting through the craggy ground, and a Grade 1 gully:  Spaghetti Gully.  The slope was looking too thin, but the gully looked possible, albeit narrow.  The entrance to the gully was lean, but once in it, there was some deep powder, giving entertaining lunges/turns.  Unfortunately, it narrowed at an icy section at about mid-height, and from that point onwards, the skis were on the back as it got narrow and icy again lower down.  It needs more snow to fill in a bit, and to raise you up a bit out of the really narrow sections.  

Following our skin track, it was back up to the head of the corrie, and then a bootpack to the top of Beinn Dearg.  The sun was gone from the East facing summit corrie, so we headed down the South facing slopes into Coire Beinn Dearg, mostly on powder.  Lower down it was a bit crusty, but as it levelled again, the powder was found again. The last couple of miles were done by headtorch on our ski track from the morning which seemed a fine finish to a stunning day. 

Bed for the night.
Getting breakfast on the go in the morning.
Not far from the road.
Tricky icy crossing.  Only one wet foot (Craig).
Fantastic weather.
Looking to the Fannichs
Near Loch nan Eilean
Near the mouth of the corrie.
Coire Ghranda
Still below 600m, with big cliffs above, you feel quite small.
Admiring the skin track.  Spaghetti Gully is the line on the left of the photo.
Jamie in the gully.
Dave joining us in the gully.
Dave going a bit lower.
Dave making a turn.  It got a lot narrower than this, resulting in abandoning the ski descent.
Not the way we'd hoped to exit the gully.
The Inverpolly hills from Beinn Dearg.
Just below the top of Beinn Dearg, discussing our descent options.
Jamie skiing the lovely snow on South facing slopes.
Seemed a shame to head into the shade.
Heading for home.
The same stream, different location, same result (Craigs boot ended up in the water).  We'd descended the slope and corrie in the background.
25 February 2016: Caenlochan Skiing Winter 2016
13 February 2016: Invercauld Skiing Winter 2016
10 February 2016: Glenshee skiing Skiing Winter 2016
17 January 2016: Ben Macdui Ski Tour Skiing Winter 2016
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