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21 May 2016: CIC Hut trip Skiing Winter 2016
08 May 2016: An Teallach Skiing Winter 2016
21 April 2016: Sgran Dubh Mr Skiing Winter 2016
16 April 2016: Short Cairngorm tour Skiing Winter 2016
14 April 2016: Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag (again) Skiing Winter 2016
12 April 2016: Meall a' Bhuachaille and The Couloir Skiing Winter 2016
10 April 2016: Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag Skiing Winter 2016
19 March 2016: Cairngorms Tour Skiing Winter 2016

A forecast inversion was too good to miss, and a grand tour taking in Ben Macdui, Braeriach and Cairn Toul was planned.  The problem with grand plans is that they are easy to make, but often change during the day.  Our planned big descent off of Braeriach was switched to a tour round the corrie rim to Cairn Toul for various reasons.  This worked out great, as once we were swallowed up by the rising cloud on Braeriach, we were able to ski out of it and witness it cascading over Braeriach.  Quite a sight.  Unfortunately, the big descent off Cairn Toul was getting a bit crispy by the time we got to it, but we were able to ski all the way to the river.  A long, but satisfying day. 

Slightly gloomy cycle, but with the promise of sunshine in the distance.
Avalanche debris on the ice covered Lochan Uaine
The view to the South West.
Steve heading down the Allt a' Choire Mhoir
Lower down the Allt a' Choire Mhoir.
The Allt a' Choire Mhoir.
Watching the cloud cascade over Braeriach.
Descending Cairn Toul.
17 March 2016: Toll an Lochain, An Teallach Skiing Winter 2016
09 March 2016: Loch Avon basin gully skiing Skiing Winter 2016
27 February 2016: Beinn Dearg and Cona' Mheall Skiing Winter 2016
25 February 2016: Caenlochan Skiing Winter 2016
13 February 2016: Invercauld Skiing Winter 2016
10 February 2016: Glenshee skiing Skiing Winter 2016
17 January 2016: Ben Macdui Ski Tour Skiing Winter 2016
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