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21 May 2016: CIC Hut trip Skiing Winter 2016
08 May 2016: An Teallach Skiing Winter 2016

Despite us being well into May, the lure of An Teallach for skiing is strong.  Based on my successful trip last May, I was certain that Hayfork and North Gully would be full, but it was a case of what else?  Given the snow loss, and high temperatures, it may have seemed a daft idea, but for once, it wasn't mine!  However, I was obviously keen to go...

As expected, Hayfork and North Gully were full. Overall, both gullies had a little less snow than last year.  The Third Prong had an awkward looking break in it in the lower narrow section, and other lines were broken.  The First Prong was complete to the lower section where it's now recessed, so we figured it was worth doing.  Hayfork wasn't as clean as last year, but had marginally more snow at the top.  North Gully was much cleaner, but the narrow midsection was a little narrower than last year which meant less turns.   We used Hayfork as our ascent route, as it is safer than North Gully for debris falling into it.   So, it was up Hayfork, down North Gully, up Hayfork, down Hayfork, up Hayfork and finally, down The First Prong.   Luckily, Hayfork is quite scenic!  A good day out.  Hopefully not my last on skis this season, but definitely my last on An Teallach for this year.

The amusing vegetated and boggy start.
Heading up Hayfork Gully, the first of 3 ascents.
Dave in North Gully.
Above the steep narrow section of North Gully.
Despite a bit of avalanche debris, the runout was surprisingly good fun.
Second of three ascents of Hayfork.
Obligatory view of Sgurr Fiona and Toll an Lochain
Dave in Hayfork.
Dave in Hayfork.
Heading through a narrow section in Hayfork.
Dave enjoying some fast turns in Hayfork.
Third run of the day: The First Prong.
Dave in The First Prong.
Although there doesn't look a lot of snow, it's a big cliff, and there's enough!  The first prong is the straight gully on the left.  With a couple of minor breaks, we were able to ski to the foot of the tongue of snow in the foreground.  Hayfork and North Gully are up and right of Dave.
21 April 2016: Sgran Dubh Mr Skiing Winter 2016
16 April 2016: Short Cairngorm tour Skiing Winter 2016
14 April 2016: Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag (again) Skiing Winter 2016
12 April 2016: Meall a' Bhuachaille and The Couloir Skiing Winter 2016
10 April 2016: Aonach Mor and Aonach Beag Skiing Winter 2016
19 March 2016: Cairngorms Tour Skiing Winter 2016
17 March 2016: Toll an Lochain, An Teallach Skiing Winter 2016
09 March 2016: Loch Avon basin gully skiing Skiing Winter 2016
27 February 2016: Beinn Dearg and Cona' Mheall Skiing Winter 2016
25 February 2016: Caenlochan Skiing Winter 2016
13 February 2016: Invercauld Skiing Winter 2016
10 February 2016: Glenshee skiing Skiing Winter 2016
17 January 2016: Ben Macdui Ski Tour Skiing Winter 2016
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