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06 May 2017: Ben Nevis Skiing Winter 2017
08 April 2017: Garbh Coire, Cairngorms. Skiing Winter 2017
31 March 2017: Beinn a' Bhuird Skiing Winter 2017
25 March 2017: Aonach Mor Skiing Winter 2017
12 March 2017: Left Hand Branch of Black Spout, Lochnagar Skiing Winter 2017

By this stage of the "winter", things were looking pretty desperate.  I saw enough on a walk up Lochnagar with Helen the previous day to convince me to head back up again with the skis.  For all I knew, this could be it for the season!    The gully was in quite good shape, although as always, over in no time at all.  Despite being on new replacement skis (see previous Portes du Soleil post), I picked my way to the rescue post on ski without doing any damage.  

Obligatory billy-no-mates-at-the-top-of-a-gully-on-ski shot.
On the traverse out of the gully, below the main face.
Yes, I skied to here, and no, the skis did not get damaged.
05 February 2017: Portes du Soleil Skiing Winter 2017
21 January 2017: Beinn a'Bhuird Walk Winter 2017
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