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06 May 2017: Ben Nevis Skiing Winter 2017

It's become an annual event where Blair organises a trip to the CIC Hut on Ben Nevis for some end of season skiing.   Last year was a little on the damp side, but this year was quite the opposite.  Conditions were lean, as they have been all season, and the snow in the shade was firm, but there was lots of sunshine and a good time had by all.

You can see Blairs compilation of the weekend below.   I ended up having to run down from the CIC Hut as I was late getting picked up for a lift home.   Took me 35 minutes with my heavy pack, and I don't think my knees have recovered yet!

Enjoying the sunset on the Saturday evening.
Todd and Robert heading up Ledge Route on Saturday morning
Todd on Ledge Route, with the rest of the group on the ridge ahead.
Todd on the face above Number 5 Gully
Another shot of Todd heading into Number 5 Gully.
Todd in Number 4 Gully
Looking towards Number 2 Gully/Comb Gully Buttress from the platform below Glovers Chimney.
Niall below Glovers Chimney.   We skied on the slope below it (just in case anyone thinks we skied in it - definitely not!).
Gav checking out how firm the entry to Tower Gully is.
Robert sliding into Tower Gully.
Dave sliding into Tower Gully.
The lower reaches of Observatory Gully, showing the runnel below Point 5 which was also skied this weekend.
Sunday morning heading up Carn Mor Dearg, looking back to Ledge Route.  You should just be able to make out some of the group heading up the snow at the mouth of Number 5 Gully.
Lean times.
Craig on CMD, as the mist started to come and go.
Blair enjoying excellent snow on a descent into the bowl on CMD.
We went back for another shot, but the mist was frustrating the photography.  Dave setting off.
Dave heading into the gloom.
Mike, Dave, Blair and I then went for a jaunt along the CMD arete, which is a little awkward with skis on your pack.
Further along the CMD arete.
On the CMD arete.
Blair setting off into Tower Gully again for the second day in a row.
Blair got the only complete descent of Tower/Observatory Gully of the weekend.   This small break allowed a link up to the runnel of snow below Point 5.  I took my skis off...
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