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1. Disclaimer
2. How are the days out grouped and stored?
3. How can I change the text size on the website?
4. How do i find the most up-to-date information?
5. Privacy Policy
6. Some pictures have vanished from the site. Where can i find them?
7. What are the plans for the site in the future?
8. What is the point of the site?

1. Disclaimer
Climbing is a dangerous activity. The views expressed in this site regarding mountain conditions are my own, unless specified otherwise. You should make your own mind up regarding the accuracy of any conditions report. Remember, weather and snow conditions can change in a matter of minutes or hours, and good conditions one day does not indicate that they will be the same the following day (they might even be better, if you are lucky!)

2. How are the days out grouped and stored?

The days out are grouped in two ways.

Firstly, I created a "Season" that they belong to (e.g. Summer 2004). This is just a label that i have created to allow the grouping of similar days out. I can make this season as long or as short as i want (e.g. group the days out into months for example, or instead name it for a specific trip). It started with only using 2 a year (Summer and Winter), but to speed up the download times, I am making the "seasons" shorter!

Secondly, i decide which activity i was doing on the day out (e.g. winter climbing, skiing, rock climbing, etc). There is no restriction on the type of activity for each season, as again, it is just a label for grouping. So, it is quite feasible to go rock climbing in winter, or if conditions allowed, I could go winter climbing in summer!

When i add a new day out to the system, i decide which season it occured in, and which activity it was.

3. How can I change the text size on the website?

If you are finding the text size too small or too large, you can adjust it using your internet browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, you can change the text size by going to "View" on the tool bar, and selecting "Text Size" from the drop down menu. You then have the option to select larger or smaller text size.

4. How do i find the most up-to-date information?

I recommend that if you are going to add the site to your favourites, you should always link to the home page. If you link to a specific season, it will eventually no longer get updated, and it will appear that the site is not being updated.

You should always link to the home page.

5. Privacy Policy
When using this website, you may be asked for your name and email address (e.g. in the 'Contact' page). These are recorded mainly to allow me to respond to queries or requests made on the site. At no point is your name or email address given to any other individual or organisation. It is recorded only for the purposes of the operation of this site.

6. Some pictures have vanished from the site. Where can i find them?

It is very unlikely that any pictures you have previously been able to see are no longer on the site - it's just a question of finding them.

It is possible that you looked at some pictures that occured in a different "season". For example, you may have seen some skiing pictures at some point. These will be stored in a winter season, however, i may have added a new season to the site since then, and you could be looking at the pictures in a different "season". If this is the case, you can do one of 4 things:

  1. Go to "Days Out" on the main menu and select the appropriate "season" where you think you saw the pictures you are looking for.
  2. Use the "Click here to view previous season" link at the top of each "season" to keep going back until you find the correct "season" with the pictures you are looking for
  3. Use the image search function, either on the home page or the image listing page (this will seach both the days out and the other image groups). This search function matches keywords you enter with the title of the day out and the descriptions of images associated with a day out.
  4. Use the site map to find the group or day out that you think is likely to contain the image you are looking for,
Ultimately, if there is a picture you can't find, then contact me.

7. What are the plans for the site in the future?

To be honest, there aren't any major plans at present!

I am looking into making the site a bit more accessible for the visually impared, and have been experimenting with allowing you to choose your own text/background colours and text size. It will happen at some point, but I am currently working on the least confusing way for people to use this feature!

For the time being, I am quite comfortable with how it works and I have generally had positive feedback from it, and only a couple cases of mistaken identity! I have not gone out of my way to publicise the site, as it is after all, just a personal site, and it is interesting to see who happens across it. The site has worked without any major problems since it went live in December 2003, which is is just the way I like it.

Naturally, I am open to suggestions for features to develop for the site, and feel free to let me know about any suggestions or ideas you have using the contact page.

8. What is the point of the site?

I initially was thinking about creating some kind of conditions report when i was putting together the site. The aim was to restrict the "days out" images and descriptions only to big days out in the hills for that purpose. However, as i can only get out at weekends, it seemed like a pointless exercise to produce a conditions report as such. There are quite a lot of other sites of that nature on the web already, and there is no real need for another one. Anyone wishing to use this site for that purpose can interpret the images and descriptions at their own risk!

In the end, i just decided to display pictures of days out, mainly because I like looking at these kind of things myself. The site is not meant to be anything other than a personal website which should hopefully display some nice pictures for your enjoyment

I could quite easily use this website as a platform to rant about things that affect or annoy me, but it would not really be in keeping with what the site has become. Believe me, there are times when i am tempted, but I think it would detract from the site, rather than add to it.

All images and pages on this site are copyright © Scott Muir except where specified. Site Map